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Amana 54314 Tambour Router Bit Set
Amana 54314 Tambour Router Bit Set
Amana 54314 Tambour Router Bit Set, Includes ĽAmana 54310 TAMBOUR BIT # 1 ĽAmana 54312 TAMBOUR BIT # 2 ĽAmana 49498 CORNER ROUND 1/8 Radius 1/2 Shank Features By Amana Tool The Lonnie Bird's Tambour Model #54314 - Appliance Garage Door Bits - requires no cloth or wires. This three-piece router bit set is designed for creating tambours without the need for wires, canvas or glue. The unique design shapes slats that interlock. And, assembly is easy. Simply slide the slats together to create a beautiful, flexible tambour that's perfect for creating your own roll top desk, breadbox, or kitchen countertop storage areas. Each slat measures approximately 1/2" x 1". The minimum Radius for the tambour door is 3-1/2" Undoubtedly every woodworker is familiar with the tambour. Made popular by the roll top desk, the tambour seems to magically disappear allowing full access to the working surface of the desk as well as its contents. A tambour is a rolling door or top which is comprised of individual strips of wood. Unlike a hinged door, a tambour disappears and is out of the way when opened. And when closed, the numerous wooden slats of a tambour add tremendous beauty and visual interest. Today, the tambour is a popular as ever. It is widely used for kitchen storage areas, entertainment centers and, of course, the ever-popular roll-top desk. Traditionally speaking, tambours have been made by gluing strips of wood to canvas. Any woodworker who has constructed a tambour knows that the process is both tedious and time-consuming. Now Amana and veteran woodworker Lonnie Bird have teamed up to make an innovative tambour router bit set which makes it easy to construct a tambour for your next woodworking project. Unlike a traditional tambour, tambours made with the Amana bit set don´┐Żt require cloth, glue or wires to hold the slats. Instead, the individual slats simply slide together to create a beautiful, flexible tambour. The slats made with the Amana set are only 1/2" thick and fit into a 9/16 wide groove. And because the tambour will turn a radius as small as 3-1/2 it can be used for most any project, large or small.
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